Work and Live Abroad – part 2

  Finding those pesky international jobs Here are some ideas. General international jobs LinkedIn LinkedIn’s job board includes a nicely designed layout, good keyword search tool and a wide variety of advertised jobs. Also being able to message directly through InMail makes the process a bit more personable. I’ve sometimes found that jobs can be [...]

Turning right on human rights – the new world order? Philip Alston at the LSE

The second event I mentioned in my previous post was at the London School of Economics (LSE) on the 1st December, and nods to International Human Rights Day on December 10th. Fresh from a flight, Professor Philip Alston delivered his lecture on populism to a packed theatre of listeners. Right-wing populism was the focus, not [...]

Travels with the UN – Bangladesh (2011-12)

Dry, hot city. Wafts of diesel and food combined hang heavy in the air. Cars, motorbikes, rickshaws pile noisily back to back in densely congested roads. Street hawkers weave expertly through traffics of people and vehicles, whilst children scurry among the crowds, clutching goods for sale instead of school satchels. Welcome to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Back [...]